Volunteering and RAG [Raising and Giving] in Constantine

RAG Officer Welcome to Constantine and congratulations on getting into York! We are your  Volunteering and RAG [Raising and Giving] officers for the Autumn term, you will see us the most during fresher’s week but we will be running small events on campus during Autumn within the college. As

Activities 2017 Welcome

Freshers,   This is just a post from your activities officers here in Constantine. So firstly we need to say congratulations for getting into York. Well done for choosing the best college on campus. We know you're going to love it here in York!! The most important thing we need

Events Committee Welcome

Hello Constantine! First of all, congratulations to all our new freshers on getting into Constantine College, we can’t wait to meet you all during Freshers week! My name is Frankie, chair of Events for the CSA, and together with Meg and Julia, we will be in charge of the college

The Presidents Welcome

THE PRESIDENTS WELCOME President of the Constantine Student Association Hiya Fresher! Welcome to Constantine, you are now known as one of the #PinkArmy! Here at Constantine, there is something for everyone, whether it be, hula-hooping, bar crawls, eating, playing games, doing stuff for charity, or just chilling