Freshers Survival Guide

Freshers Survival Guide

Freshers Survival Guide

Hey Freshers (yep, this is how people will address you for the whole duration of first year), Your wellbeing team here bringing you your very own Freshers Survival Guide… Constantine style. This is going to be long, and not much of a ‘guide’, but by the end of it you will have the same knowledge as 6 of the very best brains in York (not that we’re biased).

So, before we begin we just want to say Freshers week is such an exciting time, with the main purpose of helping you to meet new people and settle into your new home at Constantine College, so remember that always. Don’t feel pressured into anything and ask if you’re not sure (damn we sound like teachers).
Your wellbeing team will be around all week, but any questions before Freshers please message or contact us and ask away, we don’t bite.

We have definitely not covered everything in this guide, so do not rely on this and this alone. We’ve just picked up on some key info you guys asked for, or we thought would be useful to know. Obvious stuff is not included, and most information will be in your pre-arrivals emails, on Constantine social media and on the yusu website… so read it. Think of this as a bit of an informal chat hey?
Anyway, enough talking, here ya go…

General Things to know:
This lil section gives you some Constantine specific info as well as general university related words of advice…
Let’s start with the ‘main’ reason you’re at uni (but really, we know it’s just because we have no idea how to be an adult in the big wide world) … your studies. Yorkshare is your saviour. This has lecture captures, reading lists, articles, messages from lecturers… you name it, it’s on there. So, look at it, take some time to explore the system and where everything is. Then start having a look at your reading list (ew work), but don’t go and buy 5 different (but pretty much the same) £25 textbook you’ll open once to find a date for something online. You do not need to spend that dolla. This internet thing we now have… means you can use it for research too. IF you go on your department intranet on the website you’ll find a list of some of the best research databases online for it, so use those and watch all those articles and info come flooding in. Worst case, we rewind to not quite the stone ages and head off to the library, which has almost every book you will ever need.

Now to the most important thing, Constantine! You’re going to be sharing a kitchen with a lot of people, which means you don’t have the space to store 15 different spices that will be opened once when you try to impress your parents with a meal that took you 5 hours to prep. Same goes for your room, you do not have an entire house to store stuff, so you need to be savvy with space. To help you, listen up so you know what space you’ll have and what things you have in the flat already:

➢ 1 fridge shelf, one freezer shelf (and these are not American style fridge freezers we’re talking).
➢ 1 bottom cupboard (fab for plates, bowls, pots and pans, etc) and one top cupboard (those herbs and spices, cans, cartons, etc).
➢ Kitchen has 2 kettles, microwaves and toasters (but no toastie makers… buy one, get it PAT tested, hangover days =sorted).
➢ no dishwasher, so bring washing up equipment… a flat drying rack is also a worthwhile investment to get you more drying space.
➢ You get your very own Henry Hoover knock off, so yay for partially clean floors when you manage to get it working properly for a week.
➢ Under bed storage is intense, you got a lotta room so use it.
➢ units above your desk are great for books, folders, cleaning supplies, ornaments or just anything really.
➢ You get a mattress protector, mattress and bin in your room (bring one for the bathroom though, 2 is handy when you have one as a sick bucket)
➢ Under the desk storage is quite big too *Top tipstore any drinks there so they stay cool*
➢ There are washing machines and dryers available in the forum – you can top up your laundry credit and pay for the machines on the Circuit Laundry App. You can also check the status of the machines on the laundry view section of the website (this is great to ensure you don’t make a wasted journey with all your washing). £3 a wash £1.50 a dry… but don’t expect the best dry in the world.

Just a general note now, Freshers’ week isn’t just about the alcohol and club nights. For this reason, we have a range of drinking and non-drinking-based activities, club nights and campus events, all to ensure you have the best week possible! You shouldn’t feel pressured to drink or go out every night, and we promise, it won’t alter the relationship you will form with your flat mates. Pre-drinking games are a great way to interact and learn about your flatmates – don’t panic if you don’t know any, your STYCs will be teaching you all the drinking games you will ever need – but they can be played with soft drinks just as easily (we all swapped to soft drinks when we needed a break from the madness).

So, remember the main aim of Freshers is to meet new people and settle in, and definitely is not something you should be scared or intimidated of. It can be tailored to individual preference and that’s why we are able to promise that it will be one of the best weeks ever! We hope that gives you a lil bit of an overview, mostly of Constantine but also some general notes of wise wisdom from your lil Wellbeing Romans here. Let’s move it on up and talk about how you actually get around York, the uni and all that


Car Parks:
• The car park for Constantine College is located on Kimberlow Lane. However, there is no free student parking, only a pay and display system – you can pay using change or your mobile using RingGo.
• In exceptional circumstances, you may be able to apply for a permit: google uni of York student permit.
• Parking is free Saturday and Sunday and evenings after 6pm

• The bus is free between Heslington East (our campus) and Heslington West (main campus).
• The bus between campuses should run every 7 minutes (we suggest using every 15 minutes as your guide for times as they often run late).
• currently a return bus ticket to town is £2. This is your main mode of transport to and from your nights out.
• There are two major bus routes: the 66 and the 66a.
• The 66a can be caught just outside Constantine College and goes to the Merchangate bus stop and back.
• The 66 can be caught from the Langwith interchange (big car park behind Langwith) and goes into town and stops at the railway station
• Buses also run to other parts of York, see the First Bus website for further information.

• The train station is around 20/30 minutes from the university using the 66-bus route. However, we highly recommend leaving around an hour during rush hour periods.

• Streamline Taxis York: 01904 656565. Streamline is the most common taxi company used amongst students. They offer student discount so make sure to ask!
• TOP TIP: ask to be dropped off at Langwith College to make your taxi fare cheaper.

What to bring to uni
Heading off to university is so exciting, but also incredibly stressful. We hope that our checklist can help to lift some of that stress and make you feel well prepared for your first year as part of Constantine College. We’re not going to list the obvious, you know you’ll need pots and pans (bring double of kitchen things as accidents happen – especially when you think you can match the culinary skills of Jamie Oliver after a night out at Kuda), shampoo and conditioners, chargers and stationery. This is your expect the unexpected list of what you’ll definitely have forgotten or missed.

First off, let’s talk about the most essential thing at uni… FOOD. Do not let your parents buy you the whole stock of Sainsbury’s canned goods- you are moving to York, NOT Mars (there are plenty of shops here). BUT do bring some things with you because you will need easy food for those hungover/ tired/ stressed Freshers week meals (pizza, pasta, super noodles- the perfect diet). Some big ol’ orange juice cartons are also a necessity for the morning after a big night out (you will thank us later). Speaking of Freshers week, getting those bevs before the week starts will save you the walk to Nisa for the most overpriced alcohol you will ever find. (Jess managed to bring a whole box filled with wine and spirits for the week, courtesy of her parents, so see if all you Freshers can work your magic if you so wish too)
If, even after you have read this, you forget to shop and realise your cupboards are empty and bare, do not fret. Most supermarkets will also do online deliveries to Constantine, but you’ll need some friends to help carry them to your block, and maybe even up the stairs if you’re one of those poor souls. This is definitely the best way to do shopping, unless your favourite flatmate has a car for you to take a trip to an actual supermarket.

Important documents
Your ID is extremely important for move in day, the staff at Constantine College will need to see a form of ID before giving you your room key, so please make sure you have it with you.
ð Passport/driving license

Electrical items
ð Printer and ink – you can find a printer at uni but do you really want to pay a fortune to trek all around at 2am finding one…nope
ð Portable speakers – freshers, pre’s, random picnics or trips to the beach… when are speakers not  essential
ð HDMI cable – flat movie nights are sorted
ð Party lights- something for the kitchen for the best pre’s in Constantine

Stationary and academic items
ð Plastic wallets
ð Box file or similar to store important letters, receipts, prescriptions, bank info, id etc (it keeps it all tidy and not scattered everywhere around your room).

ð Clothes hangers
ð Laundry basket – and a huge bag to take washing to and from the machines. We recommend IKEA bags.
ð Clothes horse (airer) – there are places to hang clothes in the ensuites but don’t cram it in there when you have space in your room.
ð An iron * top tip- you’ll never have to use it if you hang most things up straight away*
ð Photos – this will seriously help add a part of you to your room, there are huge pin boards in your room!
ð ^ speaking of…Pins
ð Cushions/blankets –handy for those hungover

Sundays in the kitchen.
ð Fairy lights – please ensure that these are battery operated as you are not allowed plug in ones.
ð Door stop – would recommend for move in day so you can meet people easily.

ð Towels (more than 1 set)
ð Bathmat

ð Tupperware – you will not eat all of that spaghetti Bolognese in one sitting.
ð Bottle opener
ð Veg peeler – Its official, Niamh lived off potatoes during first year and we all fully expect her to do the same in second.
ð Garlic crusher – it is handy.
ð Measuring jug/scales – don’t know why, but handy (Aldi 2 in 1 is fab)
ð Oven gloves – check in your flat group chat who is bringing these, you do not need 12 sets of oven gloves- tea towels also work equally well.
ð Freezer bags (essential)
ð Tea towels
ð Dish cloth/sponges- the ones on a stick… lifesavers Toiletries
ð Paracetamol – in order to help with those 9am lectures after a night out.
ð Cold and flu medicine– you will catch a variation of freshers’ flu, it is inevitable.
ð Plasters
ð Multivitamins – we recommend those that dissolve in water. Side note: the orange flavoured ones  from Aldi taste like Lucozade sport.
ð Contraceptives – don’t be silly, wrap your willy Miscellaneous
ð Playing cards – necessity for ring of fire!
ð Board games, a flat Cluedo or monopoly will end at 5am almost always
ð Bags – one for lectures/ one for going out during the day/ one for nights out.
ð Umbrella
ð Water bottle – to take to lectures/seminars.
ð Thermal bottle – for those essential on the move cuppas.
ð Slippers – you do not want to be walking around barefoot in a university kitchen… flip flops/sliders in summer
ð Over the door hook/ shoe rack is handy for scarves, shoes, fancy dress
ð Small suitcase – perfect for weekends away.
ð Small plastic boxes to store everything you bring and don’t use or the extra bulk buy of food

Nights out
Well this is clearly the most important section. Here you’ll find your wellbeing’s guide to all the clubs, bars and other places in York (excluding uni bars). Remember York has more bars and pubs than any other city in the UK, so explore to find your own preferences too. The student club nights are run by York Parties in varying clubs. These are different nights to the rival uni St John, but if you really want to join them visit one of the clubs on a Friday or Saturday night…but be warned, York locals will be drunk by 11am. Bring normal and student id on York Parties club nights for UoY, and for some of the student deals in the other bars too. *TOP TIP – take cash, not contactless card as you will wake up poor from two Jager bombs*

Tuesday student nights are held in Kuda.
Kuda is the largest venue in York, with three separate zones that offer alternative types of music. Typically, you have RnB music in the basement which is known as the Tiki Bar, then electronic and pop hits on the main floor. Mambo Lounge is not always open but is marketed more towards those who want to sit down with a bottle of champers and listen to chilled music. Kuda also has a hotdog stand located at the entrance!! Wooooop!

Wednesday student nights are held in Salvos.
Wednesdays are sports night but don’t worry if you’re not part of a sports team, anybody can go on this night and the atmosphere is great! Salvos and society are right next to Salt & Pepper (possibly the most overpriced takeaway ever, but you will love it after a night out! Cheesy chips and gravy = A MUST). Salvos and Society are also right next to the bus stop with Flares and Fibbers down the road.

Society is married to Salvos. The rule of thumb is that you have a cheeky pre-drink in society and then wonder over the road (safely) to Salvos for a boogie.

Fibbers & Bierkeller
Thursday student nights are held in Fibbers.
Fibbers is one of the smaller spots in town, but for a lot of people also the best! The venue is divided into two rooms: Bierkeller, home to classic throwback tunes and Oktoberfest tables that you’re technically not meant to dance on, and the main room, Fibbers, where you will find a pit full of people moshing or grooving to anything from remixed chart toppers to baseline tracks. Side note – Fibbers is extremely sweaty so please refrain from wearing 13 layers to this club.

Sunday student’s night are held in Revs.
Revs is perhaps the ‘classier’ club for student’s night – but don’t worry, you can still wear vans. A mix of music here, with RnB, rap and trap upstairs and pop remixes and dance downstairs *top tip- during the day you can get some fancy cocktails too, and get a Revs card*

Stone Roses
An indie music-based bar that with Britpop decor. Stones offers a number of activities including foosball, pool tables and a punching machine for the times the triples trick you into thinking you are the next Muhammad Ali. Stones also has a jukebox system full of indie classics and pop hits and offers VERY cheap triples – £2.70 triple vodka blue shit – the best thing to have happened since sliced bread. Pre’s before any club are recommended here

The Lowther
Located on the riverside, serving traditional pub grub through the day, and a party venue through the night with two large bars. The Lowther is also home to the humble triple vodka mixer of your choice. Lowther cards are recommended because dolla will be saved.

Mansion is situated in the basement of a Grade II listed building. It has a great sound system and low ceilings so that you can feel the bass in your chest. Would definitely recommend checking this place out! It is also very close to Popworld/Flares/Fibbers/Society and Salvos and the bus stop. No official student night, but worth a visit

Be the next Dancing Queen (or King) when you visit one of the cheesiest places in York, and as the name suggests, those flares your mum has somewhere in a drawer will blend right in. A must once you’ve had a bit of a beverage.

Popworld has a revolving dance floor – need we say more?

Evil Eye
You TripAdvisor York and this is one of the first places to come up, and you’ll see why. Walk in to displays with every type of gin imaginable and then head on through to see the most diverse cocktail list you’ll ever find. Special shout out to the Constantine Cocktail, which must be trialled by every  Constantinian (or else). Built in an old house you have plenty of seats around, and even a few beds if you’re lucky. Weekends will have you queuing from 10am, so we’d say go during the week, but bring plenty of £££ because it certainly isn’t student prices.

Perfect for cocktails. C Club is all day Tuesday and 5-7pm weekdays. The Late Club is Sunday – Friday 10pm until close. At these times cocktails are £4 and jugs are £11. Whilst here, you could also pop over to Turtle Bay for 2 for 1 cocktails.

King Charles XII
Soooo, this place is perfect for those chilled day-time drinks/match days/Sunday dinners/hangover recovery food!! Located in Heslington, it is an ideal spot as it is roughly a 15-minute walk from  Constantine College (if you’re feeling really lazy, you could always get the bus to Heslington Hall and walk across the road).

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
Here’s a quick list (not in order) of our recommended places to eat and try, whether it’s for a hangover brunch, snacks, flat lunch or a meal with your parents, use this for your quick go to. Remember always ask for student discount too, because a lot of places will
1. Mannion and Co
2. Lucky Days
3. Double Dutch Pancake House
4. Black Bull (amazing breakfast)
5. King Charles XII
6. Stonegate Yard
7. Kennedy’s
8. Glasshouse
9. Courtyard
10. Crumbs Cupcakery
11. Go Down Restaurant (expensive though)
12. Humpit
13. King Chips
14. York Roast Co
15. Gatehouse coffee
16. Ambiente Tapas
17. Lendal Cellars
18. Brew and Brownie
19. Shambles Kitchen
20. Betty’s
And there we have it…It’s long yes, but useful (or so we hope). Remember your whole wellbeing team are around to answer any questions you may have.
We’re so excited to see you all in September, so get ready, get excited and be prepared to join the #PINKARMY

Love as always…
Jess, Joe, Niamh, Beth, Jess, Daiya and Blaise x

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