Hey Fresher!

We bet you are wondering what college life will be like when you arrive at Constantine. Everything that happens within the college starts here, within the CSA, which is the College Student Association. We are a group of STUDENTS, like you, dedicated to making sure that your stay at Constantine is as fun and enjoyable as it was for us. Explore the rest of the website to see what we do for you, but for now, meet the CSA!

Jordan Pretty


My name is Jordan, and I’m the current President of your CSA for the year of 2018. I oversee all of the CSA’s operations and work to ensure that the you you enjoy your stay at Constantine by providing the best opportunities for relaxation and entertainment! I wish you a warm welcome, and the best of luck to you in your First Year at York.

Remember to get stuck in, do what YOU want to do, and try something new! I look forward to meeting you in September!

 The Executives

Emily Willingham
Chair of Communications

Jonathan Gardner
Chair of Social Engagement

Tanatswa Maturure
Chair of Sports

Anna-Marie Pankova
Chair of Community and Wellbeing

Telis Vassilou

Communications Sub-Committee

Simon Tonge
Vice-Chair of Communications

Chloe Sarson
Merchandise Officer

Emilien Bevierre
Graphic Designer

Social Engagement Sub-Committee

George McCormick aka ‘Pedro’
Vice-Chair of Social Engagement

Peter Ley
Social Engagement Officer

Josie Feltham
Social Engagement Officer

Mia Povall
Social Engagement Officer

Louis MacDonald
Social Engagement Officer

Megan Clarke
Social Engagement Officer

Jacob Findell
Social Engagement Officer

Francesca Wilson
Raising and Giving Officer

Sport Sub-Committee

Molly Barton
Sports Officer

Steven Denny
Sports Officer

Maham Shafique
Sports Captain Coordinator

Community and Wellbeing Sub-Committee

Laura Burke
Vice-Chair of Community and Wellbeing

Elena Bonam
Community and Wellbeing Officer

Georgina English
Community and Wellbeing Officer

Rachel Gibson
Community and Wellbeing Officer

Katie Maddock
Community and Wellbeing Officer

Emily Firth
Community and Wellbeing Officer

Kafayat Suleiman
Ethnic Minority Officer

Oheema Ankomah
Ethnic Minority Officer

Max Vardy
Environment & Ethics Officer

Alberto Pinto
Access & Disability Officer

Justin Glass
Off Campus Officer

Treasurer Sub-Committee

Karita Kuismin
Sponsorship and Business Relations Officer

Insight into the CSA

The CSA are a collaboration of Student Elected Students that operate Constantine. Interested in joining the CSA? Elections for each committee role are being held in your FIRST TERM at Constantine.

Becoming a member of the CSA is a great way to build your CV and have an insight into event planning, management and care for others. If you want to become part of the Committee for 2019, and be a part of the future of Constantine, look out for elections and open meetings.

Get in Touch:

Email: constantine@yusu.org



SC: constansnap

Instagram: constantine_college

For more information on the CSA roles, see below

Con CSA Roles