What is College Sport

College Sport is a massive part of University sport at York. Supported by Sport England and York Sport, the Colleges work to ensure sports are open to anyone, and to all abilities.

The College League is separate to the University Sport League. It is a unique aspect for Universities that adopt the college system and enables any skill range to join in and enjoy sport at York. We play many different sports throughout the year, at a variety of levels, competitively and just for fun. Pushing for competition? Join one of our teams to lead them to victory at York Vs Durham Varsity Championship, where York College teams go up against Durham’s best squads.

Whether you’ve never committed to a sport before, or you’re a seasoned professional, Constantine has a sport for you, and we encourage ALL new students to try something new when they join Constantine. Bring your A game, and we will see you on the pitches!

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Your College Sport Team

Cherelle Clarke

Tanatswa Maturure

Adam Stansfield
Captains Coordinator

We are here to help you coordinate your sport and get you as involved with college sport as possible. Not interested in sports teams – no worries! – look out for our fun sport sessions throughout the year!

We like playing Dodgeball and relaxing to a bit of Yoga, run by a Professional Instructor! Check our Facebook Wall!

Want to get involved with sports straight away? Come to our sports fair on Tuesday the 25th of September outside the forum! All of our college team captains will be there for recruitment!

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Consult the Official Constantine page in Summer Term

Dilan Maisuria
Hockey Captain

“Constantine hockey is a great way to get involved in competitive sport in a fun and inclusive way. The mixed league system caters for all abilities by adapting the rules to ensure anyone can play – we currently have players ranging from those who had never previously picked up a stick to experienced players. Our environment ensures we get the best out of everyone, the hardest part is joining. Our togetherness on the
pitch comes from the team’s dedication to social events off the pitch running throughout the year. Establishing last year, we have come a long way since then, from creating a dedicated committee supporting each player to becoming indoor hockey finalists. At university I believe it is important to take opportunities, being involved with Constantine hockey has enabled me to meet loads of new people throughout the
university and truly understand the importance of being a leader and team player. Hockey may not be something you had previously thought of but I urge you all to give it a try.”

Bethany McLaine
Constantine Netball Player

“I love taking part in Constantine Netball! College sport is great for absolutely everyone, you don’t have to be a pro to take part and it’s a great way to make friends, both on the netball court and at the wild sport socials at Salvos!”