RAG Officer

Welcome to Constantine and congratulations on getting into York!

We are your  Volunteering and RAG [Raising and Giving] officers for the Autumn term, you will see us the most during fresher’s week but we will be running small events on campus during Autumn within the college.

As your Volunteering and RAG officers will strive to provide the very best volunteering opportunities for you in association with the college. These opportunities will not only look brilliant upon your CV but will be such worthwhile and enjoyable experiences for you as a volunteer.

RAG events run all year around and are extremely worthwhile ways to raise money for an incredible cause but also give you the ability to socialize within a positive and generous community within your college.

Constantine’s chosen charity is RAY (Refugee Action York) , not to be confused with RAG, its aims to ‘challenge the myths and misconceptions about refugees and asylum seekers.’ This is an extremely relevant charity to support within our current environment and very rewarding to work with.


We look forward to meeting you all in September,



Heidi and Jack

P.S Welcome Home

Jack PriceVolunteering Officer