Who We Are

As the name suggests, we support student’s Well-being in Constantine. We are around to ensure that you are all doing okay, have someone to talk to, and try to brighten up your day!

Our aim is to make sure students are comfortable and help them settle into university life. We hold a variety of events and activities throughout the year including

  •  Constantreat! Every Monday night in the Forum! We buy a whole lot of different types of food each week and give it out to you all for free! Our favourite nights are pizza night and exam de-stress snack nights;
  • A Puppy De-Stress Lounge during the exam period, where the Guide Dog Association come in with some dogs and students come along to pet the dogs, learn about a great charity and take a break from revision.
  • We also have ‘Examination Hydration’ where we provide fruit, water and breakfasts to ensure students keep up their energy and eat healthy.

We also run lots of campaigns during the term. Look out for SHAG Week [Sexual Health Advice and Guidance Week], a Constantine born campaign that has spread around to the other colleges at York, and Future Plans week.

We are here to support and represent you with regards to anything welfare and well-being related. If you have any concerns we might be able to help, be it flat life, home life or other concerns, we are here to help. That is just some of what we do and we can’t wait to meet all of you at some of our events.

If you’re part of a liberation group, like LGBTQ+ and BAME, you’ll love our frequent social events and mixers! Our officers are here to provide a safe and relaxed environment where you can meet people and get to know individuals of all Hes East Colleges! We love giving out free food, so be there!

Signposting is big for us, we are here to look out for you. Look at the bottom of the page for signposting to mental health and well-being services.

Love, the Wellbeing Team

Meet Your Wellbeing & Student Support Team

Jessica Sawford

Joe Collins
Vice Chair

Bethany McLaine

Niamh Cunningham

Daiya Dhillon
Black, Asian + Ethnic Minority Officer (BAME)

Jessica Matthews

Mar Blaise Prokesz
LGBTQ+ Officer

The STYC System

You may have seen the acronym STYC being used in some of our emails and communications. STYC is short for Second/Third Year Contact, and there are plenty of these individuals at Constantine. The Well-being team are in command of our #PinkArmy!

We have some 120 students who have volunteered to be a mentor for you during your First week at University. We have hand picked these students from our applicants as we believe they are the most fun, energetic, bubbly, approachable, knowledgeable and sometime craziest people you will ever meet! These students will be with you each day and will be your guides to the University and the City. They will show you around so you can get your bearings in York, will look after you night and day and will hopefully become a good friend and point of contact for you throughout your first year.

You will meet your STYC on move in day, where they will invade your flats and get to know you before getting you ready for our planned evening event. Most of you will have two STYCs, but some of you may have three. Look out for our team, they will be wearing grey throughout the first week.

Our STYCs have leaders, called Head STYCs. Each of the blocks of flats, which you will be allocated on move in day (with your room) will have 2 head STYCs to lead each night. They will be in Burgundy shirts. If you have any problems that your STYC cant help you with, find one of our HSTYCs and they will take you a step closer to getting what you need!

Get ready for a rowdy and energy fuelled week with your STYCs!

Useful Links


Nightline is staffed each night by two trained volunteers – one male and one female when possible. All of our volunteers are students of the University of York or York St. John and come from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and years.


Open Door

The Open Door Team is a multi-professional team, which is part of Student Support Services and is available to any registered student experiencing psychological or mental health difficulties. You may prefer to find local NHS services, such as the University Health Centre or York Hospital Urgent Care Centre, or voluntary sector organisations, for example York Mind.